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Destinations -- Europe


Discover the Real Europe. . .

Nothing can prepare you for Europe. You will always remember the moment you first set your eyes on Michelangelo’s statue of David in Florence, the magnificent Hermitage Palace in St Petersburg, Russia, the magnificent Alps, or the ancient and beautiful chateau’s and castles of Europe. Talk to the locals and make new friends while enjoying the delicious European cuisine—take in the sights, sounds and smells—you will love it!

Flavius Amphitheatre -- Roman Colosseum

Capture the magic with our tour companies which are linked to diverse geographical and cultural regions in Europe with special transportation that allow you to take inspirational journeys through this continent’s unique scenery.

  • Luxury coaches
  • Trains
  • Ships
  • River cruises
    • We make sure that you get to see and appreciate important and unique hidden treasures by including leisurely guided walking tours.


We offer many types of tours & packages, so you may choose the perfect way for you to travel.

  • A guided tour
    • Discovery tours—great for first time traveler wanting a snapshot
    • Easy pace tours—usually 3 or 4 overnight stays, in each city
    • Regional tours—concentrate on a specific region or country
    • Country roads—take you off highways—into enchanting villages
    • Mix-it-up—a combination of all

An independent tour—we make the arrangements and you travel on your own

18 – 35 year olds -- we take you to Europe and then you decide if you want to plan your day the way you want and go on your own or stay with a group for exciting excursions. Immerse yourself in different cultures while traveling with people your own age.